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Background: Life at Atmeh

They lost their homes, their loved ones, and in fear they fled as far as they could from bombs, bullets and torture. This is the Atmeh refugee camp, just meters away from the Turkish-Syrian border, where over 25,000 refugees, 15,000 of them children, live in squalor as a result of the humanitarian crisis produced by the ongoing conflict in Syria.

There’s no running water here, no electricity and health care is scarce. And it is the children who are most vulnerable. Sleeping in tents, they are exposed to harsh conditions and flu is endemic. With no water to wash up, lice, scabies and diseases are rampant. Drinking water is contaminated. They burn plastic when there’s no firewood, but the burning plastic emits toxic fumes that cause lung problems. And the list goes on.

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What we need

Medical relief organisations have worked tirelessly to meet the needs of the camp, but with the crisis growing day by day, there is only so much they can do — only the most essential care is being provided. But with an average of 250-300 children examined every day, and each needing as many as three different medicines — basics like cough syrup, fever medicine, and stomach medications are always in short supply.

If we all chip in together to raise $12,000 now, we’ll be able to fill this gap in the paediatrician’s medicine cabinet for one whole year, making sure sick children that come in asking for help get medicines like:

  • Cough syrup
  • Fever medicine
  • Antibiotics
  • Dehydration medicine
  • Anti-allergy pills
  • Flu and cold medicine
  • Diarrhoea medicine

We have already made a difference — with $750 we helped Atmeh Camp’s paediatrician with one month’s supply of medicine — but we can do even more.

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We promise

We’ll be sure to send you a short video where you can see firsthand how the aid you have contributed has made a difference. Here’s an example — and you can also check for updates on our blog.

Read more about us and our work here.

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