Video: Atmeh Medical Aid Project

Dear friends,

In December 2013 we launched a campaign on Indiegogo to raise $12,000 for the pediatrician at Atmeh Refugee Camp.
(campaign link: ).

Your kind donations to supply the pharmacies at the Atmeh Refugee camp were received – with surprisingly tremendous gratitude from the staff as you can see in the video.

Doctors and pharmacists at the camp were actually surprised the full amount was collected as promised. Since we exceed their target donations, we have decided to cover the rest of the camp’s needs. Dr. Yehia, orthodontist and head General Practitioner and Dr. Omar, pharmacist and medical point manager, distributed the amount not only for the pediatrician’s clinic, but for other medication not covered by the funding they receive from the medical organization Medical Relief For Syria (MRFS).

This video is dedicated to you, without your trust and donations the camp wouldn’t have received the aid.

Thanks so much for all you’ve done.

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