Moments from the 2014 Gaza conflict

Notes on the Middle East

For over a month the hottest international news story has been the escalating situation in Gaza.  News Channels have extensively aired footage of veiled women crying, mutilated bodies and destroyed buildings.  Politicians met and made statements about the humanitarian situation in the coastal enclave and tried to reach a truce that could end the violence.

This latest conflict in Gaza has claimed the lives of more than 1,800 Palestinians the majority of which are civilians along with 68 Israeli soldiers and 3 Israeli civilians.

About half a million of the 1.8 million Gaza population have been displaced, became jobless after about 134 factories have been destroyed and currently do not have access to proper basic needs like sanitation and electricity. Mutual hatred continues to grow between the Israelis and Palestinians who are convinced that their existence depends on the annihilation of the other.

It started this time after three kidnapped teenage Israeli settlers were found killed on the first of July. Israel who accused Hamas militants of the gruesome crime then…

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