During the recent floods in Sierra Leone lots of groups got together to support flood victims. This coalition was the brain child of The Survival Dream Project and Friends Of Educational Salone


Moiyattu Banya the cofounder of Girls Empowerment Summit Sierra Leone contacted me via Twitter, she then told me about her great project and asked me to get involved and join their annual summit. We realized we were like minded.

On the first day of the summit…I realized that I finally found in Sierra Leone something for me. That was when I met the girls for the first time and the amazing female mentors who were from the diaspora. It was good to have a release working with and supporting girls away from my day to day corporate work.



Moiyattu and I agreed on a lot of issues and we especially realized we were both angry and passionate about the same issues. We both saw the injustice and lack of opportunities

She had made the steps to creating a nurturing arena and I was just proud to be another cog in her wheel to help her make that happen.

Moiyattu and I are both feminists and proud of it 😊. We both believe our religion shouldn’t be used as a method of oppression rather a tool for liberation. We both want to dedicate our lives to creating a better future & more opportunities for our girls.

Moiyattu is only one of the great African women I had the pleasure to work with @stephaniefilo and @AmarieRhoyale too.


I want a better world for my children and my grandchildren!


Sierra Leone is my home now and seeing it’s people prosper is a must. Also any women that doesn’t care about girls or women and their status fails in my opinion.

We face challenges in terms of funds like most grassroots organisations face. But the challenge that pains me the most is women who stifle others…even as a minority their existence is distasteful.

In my opinion, who best to fight against our day to day struggles than us. Our weapon is in our unity & solidarity.


Sharing our stories say something about what it means to be human. We want to hear yours.

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