You have looked inward and know you are not violent, you wish the best for others, you cringe at the violence you are shown.  You have looked outward at your neighbors and your community; revealing human commonality in these feelings.  You see others working for a better world, contributing to society, donating time and resources to help others.

You even see most of the people working within their political confines to the best of their ability for a better world.  You know these are not the actions of violent people.  Still you are told that “others” not like you are violent, yet those you meet when travelling the world quickly dispel this myth as well.

Feelings of compassion and empathy, the yearning desire to help, common human experiences such as raising children and the need to contribute, to be acknowledged…

These are not isolated rarities in humanity; this is the common ground for all humanity and a reason that solidarity is the natural state of humanity…

Something is wrong here.  There is a disconnect between your reality and the one presented to you.  Many years of monitoring public information shows me that this projection of a violent humanity is a manipulation of the public opinion for profit and power.

Major strife does not originate directly from the people.

Instead, major strife, social disharmony, conflict, and hateful ideology originate from violent and coercive institutions such as government, which sits at the center of society controlling humanity.  Such institutions point to the direct and indirect responses of humanity to this intrusive control as justification for the coercive violence it injects.

Humanity falls victim to propaganda and false ideologies that promote these institutions of control over humanity.  Mainstream media works hand-in-hand with these institutions to promote both the false view of humanity and the false ideology of “necessary control” that keeps humanity addicted to government while discouraging rational discovery of the invalidity of government through logical introspection.

Government is invalid.

This may be hard to swallow.  You were taught (by government and its mistress mainstream media) that government is the only way to maintain a civil society.  Because of this, you may not believe that government is a violent institution or that politicians are violent, yet every law passed is a means of control that comes with a threat of violence.

Politicians pass these laws knowing full well violence will be levied against dissenters of said laws and are therefore complicit in the instigation of violence against humanity.  This threat of violence is coercion.  Whether or not you believe it necessary for a better society does not alter the complete immorality of using coercive violence against others.

This immorality is amplified by the availability of methods to achieve the same goals without coercive violence, such as voluntarism and the political equality of individual sovereignty (personal freedom) combined with direct democracy (collective freedom).

The only valid “law” is: DO NOT HARM OTHERS OR THEIR PROPERTY.

This is the law of our species survival.  Everything else is for exploitation.

Divide and Conquer.


Governments actively work against human solidarity to maintain control; this is evident in most all news coming from truthful news outlets.  Control of human beings is domination, and to be controlled is the equivalent of being a slave; this truthful perspective is suppressed for the same reason.

Governments create boundaries geographic (borders) and ideological (wealth redistribution, favoritism, nationalism, patriotism, etc.).  These imaginary boundaries divide humanity and are used to separate humanity into “good” and “bad” groups to justify attacking/exploiting them, usually for the profit of the few pulling the strings.

Political Parties (gangs) keep the public at odds while insisting on your consent for the existence of the coercive violent institution of government (elections).


Human violence is on the decline.

“The statistics suggest that this may be the most peaceable time in our species’s existence.” — Steven Pinker, professor of psychology at Harvard University

peaceablo (20)


Subtract the wars (run by governments), the polarization (run by governments), the hateful ideologies such as modern racism (a class war division technique sanctioned and perpetuated by governments; see “On White Privilege” – Tim Wise, and you are left with a pretty peaceful humanity.  Further discount the effects of control and manipulation, the social psychological trauma of full immersion in disconnected reality propaganda, and humanity seems very peaceful indeed.

If it were not for institutions constantly breaking humanity apart, we would have naturally united long ago in acknowledgement of the commonality of existence.

This brings me great hope. 

This drives my efforts to bring truth to humanity so everyone can see this reality for what it is.  It focuses my efforts properly, allowing me far greater reach.  It renews my compassion, my love for humanity constantly and gives me understanding, tolerance, patience, and love for those at every stage of personal development and awareness.

Understanding and direct action allows me to realize my immense power as human being.

We ALL crave truth, justice and love. Armed with this true understanding of reality, those willing to undergo honest introspection will inevitably come to this same place, IN SOLIDARITY.  I will meet you there.




Sharing our stories say something about what it means to be human. We want to hear yours.

2 thoughts on “ Solidarity is the natural state of humanity

  1. OK, you know the real solution is in natural laws. They should conquer. Solidarity but will you be solidar with society negative persons. No, you will not help society negative persons. When you realise – grok this give me a shout on, whereever you are.
    RHNG Radoš

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