For the past few years we have been constantly concerned with the social inequality we all suffer from, with poor access to education, health care, and other human necessities

We believe that every single person on this planet should have access to enough resources to live a dignified life, to have enough access to education and health care, and to live in freedom from want and freedom from fear

For this, we are currently building “Aazer”  the first online cooperative platform that brings people globally in solidarity with each other.

A platform where people can communicate, organize and democratically decide on how to support each other in a flexible, immediate, and sustainable way.

1- How it works

It’s simple, when joining the Aazer platform, everyone drops a monthly donation anywhere from 1 to 25$. This will be the platform’s sustainable fund for non-profit solidarity actions. The solidarity actions are proposed by all members of Aazer.

Then in a voting process that happens each month, all the members of Aazer vote how to distribute the fund based on most needed solidarity actions.

Money is then distributed to top voted solidarity actions until all the money available this month is used.


2- It’s a continuously growing financial fund dedicated to global change.

pablo (17)


Uniquely Aazer will generate a sustainable budget every month that is accessible to the members of the Aazer platform so that they can financially support their causes, beloved family members, friends, community or even themselves.

3- It’s a decentralized and non-hierarchical community.

pablo (15)

The Aazer platform brings people globally in solidarity with each other. The Aazer platform unites people from all over the world to support each other morally and financially. Members of The Aazer platform have access to the monthly budget, everyone has the opportunity to propose a solidarity action and receive fund to fulfill it.

4- Aazer is definitely not another NGO.

pablo (13)

We don’t ask our members to donate money so that “we” can simply take it and finance personal projects that we believe will change the world. We facilitate the transactions of money among members while encouraging members to execute their own solidarity projects. The Aazer platform’s objective is to democratize financing while bringing together a united front of members that share a belief in a better future.

5- Aazer is not another crowdfunding platform.

pablo (10)

It’s not about putting money into one action, or how rich your donors are.  It’s about growing a sustainable fund that everyone has access to, and which is given to the most pressing issues through a democratic decision-making process.

6- Aazer is flexible.

pablo (9)

Anyone can create a project that they’re passionate about.  Anyone can call for the global support they need. Anyone have the resources to change the lives of the people they care about.

7- Aazer is independent.

pablo (7)

Members fund together, decide together, and work together. Imagine the power of people coming together and solving their own problems as well as giving assistance to other projects all over the world.

8- It’s a community that democratically decides how their budget is used.

pablo (5)

The Aazer members decide collectively on how to distribute the monthly budget through a democratic voting process. All members of the Aazer platform have the same number of votes regardless of their monthly contribution.

9- Closed community

pablo (3)

The Aazer platform is a closed circle of members who come together to support each other. The Aazer members are the  donors, receivers and project designers. Members of the Aazer community can always request fund to support themselves.

10- Open community

pablo (1)

Members of the Aazer platform can receive fund not only to support themselves but also other people they know (not necessarily members in the Aazer cooperative). They could also receive fund to work on a project that supports their own community.


11- Members of the Aazer community

pablo (18)

The Aazer platform is an online cooperative platform with a unified front of citizens that are motivated by one common objective: to socially, morally and financially support each other as global agents of transformative change.

Join the first online cooperative platform

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