When we stand together, we will transform not only our lives but also the lives of the people we care about, and we are starting NOW. We are currently reaching like minded people like you!

We are building our members database to:

  • Fund any non-profit cause or action
  • Fund scholarships
  • Fund medical aid for those who cannot afford it
  • Provide people with their basic human rights and needs
  • Bring people globally in solidarity with each other
  • Give people the chance to support each other morally and financially
  • Give people the chance to take matters into our own hands
  • Bring money under the control and decision of people
  • Give people the chance to live in freedom from want and freedom from fear
  • Empower peace, love, social justice and social equality

Join the revolution !

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  2. When we speak together we can make change happen. You can join Aazer’s online flash mob campaigns and together we will blast Aazer’s message online all at the same time.  We are reaching out to you and another 149 supporters. To give Aazer a voice check on “I want to join the online flash mob team”